Dare to Be Different – Hire a Magician As Your Wedding Entertainer!


Bridal gown, bridal party gifts, flowers, caterer, music, food… where does wedding entertainer fall in this line-up? Often, the entertainment for your wedding reception and meal is one of the last things to get booked, but it could end up being one of the most important decisions you make. A few years from now, no one will remember what your gown looked like or how the food tasted. What they will remember is the entertainment, particularly if you hire a magician.

Why a Magician?

When you invite family and friends to your wedding, you will get a motley crew of ages – from newborns and young children to adults and seniors. It can be hard to find entertainment for your wedding that will appeal to virtually everyone. That is why hiring a magician, particularly one that specialises in close-up magic, is a smart move.

Magic has long fascinated both the young and old. Adults get in touch with their inner child and become fascinated right along with the kids. What better way to keep your wedding guests engaged than with a close-up magician as your wedding entertainer? Well-versed in reading their audience, a good magician will know how to use humour and stories to create an entertaining magic act.

Unlike being on stage, playing to a huge crowd, a close-up magician works smaller groups, such as tables of guests at your wedding reception. Close-up magic is more captivating because the guests are up close and personal with the magician as they try to figure out all the tricks. Having this type of entertainment can also take the pressure off of you as one-half of a newly married couple sincerely trying to make your way around the entire wedding reception greeting everyone. You don’t have to worry about whether or not your guests are having a good time!

How to Hire a Magician

Besides word of mouth and references from people you know, the next thing to do is head to your computer and the internet. Simply run a search for magicians in your area. Most of them will have websites which advertise their resume and professional affiliations as well as client testimonials. You will likely be able to view video clips of past magic performances the entertainer performed.

Of course, calling a local entertainment agency or two will also garner some magician choices for you to interview. Talk with the magicians. Get a feel for their personality and whether they would excel in close-up magic. Ask if close-up magic is part of their repertoire. Contact the magician’s references, particularly if some were from happily wedded clients.

You know your wedding guests and what type of close-up magician would work best as your wedding entertainer. Sometimes, it is a matter of the best personality that would mesh well with your family and friends attending your wedding. For sure, they will remember a talented magician with a great act years later – and that should be your ultimate goal. Create wonderful memories people will remember for years to come.


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